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The Theatre School at DePaul University

Adam Welsh as Prospero

Gail Tierney as Ariel

Draper Cutter - Sheila Hunter

First Hand - Hailey Rakoweicki

Stitcher - Megan E. Pirtle

Costume Designer - Sydney Dufka

Prospero's cape was made from a polyester satin.  The six gored cape contained two pockets in the front placket which held fiberglass rods for the actor to manipulate the cape during the show. The cape was finished with French seams and embellished with gold braided trim and beaded embroidery. 


Distressing was done by Sydney Dufka and Emilee Orton.

Ariel's chiffon blouse featured an overlapping front and Dolman style sleeves.  Finished with a veil hem and sequined arm bands.

Merle Reskin Theater - The Theatre School at DePaul University, 2016.

Photos  by Michael Brosilow.

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