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A Project Bluelight Film - DePaul University






Brian Healy as Green Man

William Delforge as Purple Man

Draper/ Cutter - Megan E. Pirtle

Costume Designer - Anna Wooden

Originally titled "Oh Baby!", "First Dance", is a film that incorporates stop motion animation and a colorful dance sequence.  Eighteen actors were divided into groups of three, with each group representing a specific color of the rainbow.

When designing the Green Man, the designer was intrigued by a silhouette with broad shoulders and a tapered leg.  This led to the creation of a shoulder pad structure, built from hooping wire and draped with a stretch net.   The convergence of the hooping wire at center front and center back was stabilized with worbla and then covered with a painted green leather.  Leather straps were attached to the shoulder pads and then tied at the actor's sides to stabilize the structure. 


These artful shoulder pads rested on a shirt constructed from a polyester knit,  which features raglan sleeves and blousing at the waist. The high-waisted pants, adapted from an existing pattern, were built from a textured cotton/poly blend and feature darts at the waist for shaping.

The designer was also interested in a broad-shouldered silhouette for the Purple Man.  This cowl neck sweater was built from a "nubbly" wool fabric and features a dropped armscye with a tapered sleeve, along with a set of five scalloped epaulettes cascading down the shoulders. The epaulette pieces were bagged out, encasing a heavier wool that added a healthy bulk to the scalloped pieces.  The epaulettes were then tacked down to the sleeves.

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© 2018 by Megan E. Pirtle. 

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